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What are apples?

Apples are the currency system for rewarding mentors and experts. All mentors have the option of registering as an "Expert". This allows them to put up a paywall for their class. Students use apples to pay for the courses. They can also use apples to reward mentors of their free classes with apples as a token of their appreciation,

Only parent accounts can purchase apples. The Main Parent account can then distribute apples to their children to use.

Apples are very similar to Facebook Stars or VBucks on Fortnite. 100 Apples = $1 (U.S. Dollar) and 1,000 Apples = $10, and so on. Apples can be given to teachers/mentors at anytime, and experts may choose to charge Apples for their courses. 

There is a small surcharge when buying apples that covers the credit card charges we have to pay. We give 100% of apples to teachers in January, and starting in February we will be giving 85% to teachers. Apples are the ONLY method we have for revenue since tuition on Vursity is completely free. 

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