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What are apples?

Apples are the currency system for rewarding mentors and experts. All mentors have the option of registering as an "Expert". This allows them to put up a paywall for their class. Students use apples to pay for the courses. They can also use apples to...

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How do I add my kids to my account?

To add your children to your account, simply go to your profile and click on Accounts. Under "Family Member Accounts", you will see a button that says "Add New Child".If you'd like them to have their own Login, simply enter their email address. They ...

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Why does it say I am too old to register for a class?

All classes must be registered through the account holder who will be taking the class. To register your child for a class, go to your profile and click on the Accounts section. From there, you can login to your child's account. Then you can go back ...

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Who can create/join clubs?

Clubs are meant for children and youth ages 8-18. They are able to create clubs based on topics of their choosing. When they create an account, the parent is added as a "sponsor" to the club. This is both so they can help monitor/manage as well as cr...

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Who can create/join groups?

Groups are meant for adults who would like to have discussions around a specific topic. They are different from classes as there is no coursework, but you can still share content within a feed. The whole community is able to share to the feed, but on...

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What is my feed?

Your social feed is the best way to stay connected to your classes, clubs, and groups. All activity that happens within your classes also happens on the feed. You can view tasks, trivia, messages from your teacher, lesson content additions, and any c...

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Can I filter my feed?

Yes! We offer filters to customize the content viewable in your feed. You can choose to view all content, content for an individual class, or view only tasks, trivia, etc.To change your filters simply use the filter icons at the top of your feed....

related to: feed - 2 years ago

Why do some classes cost money?

The Vursity platform is free to use! We provide the community with the opportunity to join, host, and create classes, clubs, and groups for free!We also allow mentors to charge for their classes as registered experts with our apple system! This provi...

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Billing Information

Credit Card ProcessingWe use Stripe to process all credit card transactions. Stripe is #1 credit card processor, trusted and used by Facebook, Lyft, Shopify, and millions of other businesses.Credit Card InformationFirst off, we don't store your credi...

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