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Homeschooling Social Network
Connecting Homeschoolers Everywhere: Virtual University of Life

More People Are Homeschooling
There Is Strength In Building Community

Homeschoolers can start early, including building professional relationships like adults do on LinkedIn

Vursity enables safe social interactions with other homeschoolers with similar interests!

Zoom Meetings
Every group OR course can meet weekly via a secure Zoom room just for that group or course

A New Kind Of Social Feed

Social built around your unique lifestyle! Everyone has a social feed, can add friends, create groups, teach a course, follow topics, debate, meet via zoom, and much more!!

So Much To Do, Learn, & Explore!
We build the tools and platform, you bring the fun

Connect with your local co-op, friend group, or create a group around shared interests or backgrounds.

Topics & Debates
Kids & parents alike can follow topics that interest them, chat with others, and we even offer debating tools.

Teach A Course
Know something? Teach a course on Vursity! We offer zoom, lessons, tasks, video, & audio tools for any course.

Promote Yourself
Own a business? Are you a creator? Doing a podcast? Promote your public page on Vursity.

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Anyone Can Create A HomeBASED Lifestyle
What is that? We're a Co-op of Freedom!

A co-op is a commonwealth of like-minded people who want to connect, learn, and grow together. Vursity offers a plethora of different tools for empowering your family to be free. Learning, socializing, connecting with others, and sharing skills in our economy.

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What Makes Vursity Unique?
Built By Homeschoolers, For Homeschoolers

We're NOT Google
We didn't build this so kids could do remote school. We have homeschooled 5 kids for 13 years. We want to build a safe place for all homeschoolers.

Keeping Out Robots
Social media can be dangerous. Robots, scammers, grifters, and lurkers are out there. They like free networks for a reason!

Ad Free & Fully Social
Share videos & photos with friends, chat, create groups, and learn without being bombarded & tracked with ads

Sometimes Money Does Grow On Trees!

Teach a course on Vursity? Earn Apples! Apples = Real payments that we send out to course teachers/mentors once a month via Venmo.

Giving an apple to a teacher has been a centuries long tradition that we want to continue. Only this time, it's virtual! Anyone enrolled in a course can give their teachers/mentors virtual apples that convert to real payments that we send via Venmo.

The conversion is fairly simple: 100 apples = $1.00 in real money. The price of apples is set to adjust for the processing fees we have to pay on our end, so buying in larger batches is progressively cheaper.

Register as an expert, and you can charge Apples for anyone to take your course!

Only $149 a Year Per Family
Invite others and earn money!

Up To 10 Family Members
Add your spouse and up to 10 Children. We know how many homeschool families roll...in their giant vans (we drive one too)

Make Money Sharing!
Every member gets a referral link they can share with other homeschoolers to earn affiliate income. Real residual income tracked for 5 levels! Great for homeschool entrepreneurs!

Learn To Become Independent
Sign up and receive our 6 course "Be Free" series on becoming a free & homeBASED family! Learn: Shopify, Amazon, Streaming, Facebook Ads, Family Farming, and Networking from REAL PROS.

Homeschooled, Unschooled, Or Old School...

Full-Time or Part-Time, Vursity is for everyone!
Whether you want to open up more opporunities for your kids, use Vursity full-time, or just dabble, we're suited for everyone!

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