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Family Based Community Network
Homebased Revolution: Family Based Counter-Culture

Vursity Is Now Guud! (guud.co)
Well, it was always good, but now even better

Our Mission Is Two-Fold
The Second Mission Is The End Goal!

So Much Guud To Do, Learn, & Explore!
We build the tools and platform, you add the Guudness

Social Groups
Connect with your local co-op, friend group, or create a group around shared interests or backgrounds.

Topics & Debates
Kids & parents alike can follow topics that interest them, chat with others, and we even offer debating tools.

Teach A Course
Know something? Teach a course on Guud! We offer lessons, quests, video, & audio tools for any course.

Promote Yourself!
Own a business? Are you a creator? Doing a podcast? Promote your public page on Guud.

What Is The Homebased Revolution?
The New American Dream

The traditional family is struggling. It is enduring an onslaught of moral attacks, economic inflation, and the indoctrination of our children. Guud offers a plethora of tools for empowering families to be TOGETHER & FREE.

What Makes Guud Unique?
Built By Homeschoolers, For Homebased Families

We're NOT "Big Tech"
We're not backed by venture capital or connected with the FBI. We are a couple with a vision who have homeschooled 5 kids for 13 years.

Keeping Out Robots
Social media can be dangerous. Robots, scammers, grifters, and lurkers are out there. They like free networks for a reason!

Everyone Can Benefit
Guud Ads payout to everyone using the platform, not just to advertisers and the platform like ALL other social media! We offer 3 other ways to make $$.

Family Based Accounts
Add your spouse and up to 10 Children per paid membership. We know how some families roll... (in their giant vans, we drive one too!)

Time To Be Guud!
(Action Over Consumption)

From Questions To Quests To Be Guud

That's why social media is toxic. But it doesn't have to be! Public Pages, Groups, & Courses on Guud can create "Social Guud: From Questions to Quests" for members to complete. Completion earns points for that course, group, or page. These points will play into giving back to the Guud community!

Become Independent, Free, & Together
$2,000+ Value -FREE- For All Members!

Build An E-Commerce Engine

Build An Amazon Store Like A Pro

Harness The Power Of Your Network

Become A Live Streamer

How To Build A Happy Family Business

DeSchool Your Family

The world wants to tear us apart, and they're starting with the fundamental building block: Your Family

All members will have access to our six course masterclass on achieving independence from the system. Learn how to network, run e-commerce websites, an Amazon store, run a happy family business, become a streamer, and deschool your mind.

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Full Featured Community Network

Groups, Courses, Public Pages, Friends, Chats, Debates, Interests, & Guud Quests

Guud has everything you need to make deep connections with friends, explore your interests, and promote your business. Family based accounts allow you to safeguard your family.

Start The Journey: Promote Guud, Not Anti-Bad
Basic Starter Account for $99/yr per Family

Hope For The Future
Guud is focused on building a positive future for the next generation. Learn, connect, & grow, with other Pro-family & Pro-Freedom people.

Build A Future
Charge for a course, build a business, invite others for affiliate income, and earn from Guud Ads. Learn more about Apples.

Advance Your Family
A social network for the whole family, that also advances YOUR family. Build a following, business, money, and influence amongst good people.

That Gets You Started, But You Can Become A Founding Member:

Guud Legacy Account for $199 /yr
Building A Solid Foundation Of Founding Members

Lock In Benefits!
Spots 1-100 are $199, 100-500 are $299, and so forth. That will also lock in your price for the next year!

Make Money Sharing!
Legacy members get a 35% OFF coupon code for friends and followers, that also earns affiliate revenue, plus 4% ad revenue as an inviter!

Bonus Signup Referrals
If a member signs up without a referral from another member, a random Legacy member will be chosen as their referral/inviter.

2% Of Ad Transactions
Legacy Accounts & the points they earn will be a part of our Guud Ads 2% earning pool that will pay out monthly.

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Limited Legacy Openings Available

They also increase in price, as they will increase in value

Legacy members will lock in their yearly Legacy rate, and will receive incredible benefits as founding members of Guud. Once the 15,000 cap has been reached, the only way to get in is if someone cancels their yearly membership.

Building a Massive Network Of Guud Businesses
THIS Will Help Us ALL Achieve Financial Freedom! Learn More

Invite Advertisers
Inviters earn 1% of every ad transaction. It's the easiest pitch to any advertiser! They will never lose money with our revolutionary FAIR ad model.

Invite Publishers/Websites
Inviters earn 1% of every ad transaction. Another easy pitch! Publishers make 7% per transaction, and they can dump Google AdSense & junk ad networks.

Split With Everyone
Who gets a cut? Everyone! Guud, Content Creators, Their Followers, Inviters (of the purchaser & advertiser), The Legacy Members, all based on where it is being seen, and the points being gathered on the website.