Life Is Learning Together
FREE Remote Learning Platform For Families

The World Has Changed, & Learning Is Changing Too
There Are New Problems We Are All Facing

Was your world cancelled in 2020? That answer is probably a resounding YES.

Social Learning
Vursity enables safe social learning in a classroom setting. All subject materials appear on a social feed.

Zoom Meetings
Every class has the ability to host weekly zoom meetings. Classes can be public, private, or invisible.

Vursity is a Co-op. What is that?
Your Secret Weapon!

A co-op is a collective of teachers (parents & mentors) teaching students (youth or adults). Everyone is an expert in something.

Parents & Mentors
Teach youth classes or to adults. Share the knowledge you have or wish to gain from interactive class meetings.

Coaching & Collabs
Classes can be private, and offer tools that also work for life coaches & collaborative projects

Sharing Skills
Is there something that you do really well? Organizing, Art, Cooking, etc? Share it here!

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Youth Led Clubs Of All Kinds!

Just like parent/mentor led courses, youth can create clubs based on their interests
and meet via zoom. Harry Potter Book Club, Violin, Dance, Chess, Math, you name it!

A New Kind Of Social Feed

Updates from your classes show up on a social feed: new comments and questions, new lessons, new trivia questions, student birthdays, and new students

What Makes Vursity Unique?
Other Than Being Completely Free...

No Grades, Just Progress
You are all A+ in my book! We believe in focusing on learning, not schooling.

Masterclass Style
Lessons are created by teachers/experts. They combine written lesson materials, YouTube video, trivia questions, and photo/video tasks.

Social Interactions
Lessons, posts, tasks, trivia, and all content on Vursity is meant to be social and interactive.

Sometimes Money Does Grow On Trees!

Families can give back to teachers as credits we call 'Apples'. Some teachers may also charge for classes with Apples. Apples = Real payments that we send out to teachers/mentors once a month via Venmo.

Giving teachers an apple has been a centuries long tradition that we want to continue. Only this time, it's virtual! Students can give their teachers/mentors virtual apples that convert to real payments that we send via Venmo. The conversion is fairly simple: 100 apples = $1.00 in real money. The price of apples is set to adjust for the processing fees we have to pay on our end, so buying in larger batches is progressively cheaper.

Expert accounts can be created. We refer to those accounts as mentors. Mentors can also charge apples per lesson unlocked. That being said, sometimes the best earners may be those who offer their classes with no paywall. That will depend on the quality of the content being offered. The first two lessons of every mentor course are free.

Not Enrolling Youth, But Want To Teach?
You Might Just Be An Expert. We Call Those Mentors!

Pay a ONE TIME $4.99 registration fee, and you can start earning money to teach a class! Payments happen via virtual apples that are converted into real money, and you can earn those in two different ways:

1. Students giving apples: A student can give you apples at anytime as a tip!

2. Class Paywall: You can place an Apple paywall in front of your class. This means apples must be sent to you before the student can enroll. You receive 85% of those payments given by students!

No Tuition Fees!
Zip. Nada.

However, you are encouraged to tip
teachers with Virtual Apples

Public/Private School, Homeschool, Unschool, Old School...

Full-Time or Part-Time, Vursity is for everyone!
Whether you want to open up more opporunities for your kids, use Vursity full-time, or just dabble, we're suited for everyone!

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